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The Hideki-class was a warp-capable multipurpose auxiliary craft used by the Cardassian Union's military during the late 24th century.The class was used as an attack ship a patrol ship and a shuttlecraft. Smaller than Cardassian patrol cruisers these ships could typically carry three to five occupants.The ship was considered approximately equivalent to the Starfleet Danube-class runabout but equipped with heavier armament giving it sufficient striking power to operate in fleet actions.This ship is the participation prize for Month 5 of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play tournament The Dominion War.

Extra Info

BGID: 154257
Category: Aviation / Flight ; Expansion for Base-game ; Miniatures ; Movies / TV / Radio theme;
Designer: Christopher Guild ; Andrew Parks;
Players: 2
Year: 2014
Artist: Christina Gugliada ; Chris Raimo;
Product Title:
Mechanics: Action / Movement Programming ; Dice Rolling ; Point to Point Movement ; Simultaneous Action Selection;
Ages: 14 and up
Publisher: WizKids Games;



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