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Evo Fury Tatsurion
Card Abilities:

Evolution - Put on one of your Armored Dragons.

Triple Breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Dragon Wings - When this creature enters the battle zone, target enemy creature can't attack or block until the start of your next turn. | Card Name: Evo Fury Tatsurion | Card Number: S4 | Card Type: Evolution Creature | Civilization: Fire | Condition: | Illustrator: Jesper Ejsing | Level: 7 | Mana Value: 1 | Name: | Power: 12000 | Race: Armored Dragon / Beast Kin | Rarity: Super Rare

Evo Fury: Near Mint $13.16 x 1
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Forklift Tank Glu-urrgle
Card Abilities: Pedal to the Metal - Whenever this creature attacks, you may have your opponent put the top card of his or her deck into his or her discard pile. If that card is a creature, return target enemy creature to your opponent's hand. If that card isn't a creature, draw a card. | Card Name: Forklift Tank Glu-urrgle | Card Number: 16 | Card Type: Creature | Civilization: Water | Condition: | Illustrator: Eva Widermann | Level: 6 | Mana Value: 1 | Name: | Power: 4000 | Race: Cyber Lord | Rarity: Very Rare
Evo Fury: Lightly Played $1.33 x 1

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